Red on the nails, red on the toilet paper, red on the panties.
Emptiness in my head. Panic. After all, you’ve only just appeared. You’re only 6 weeks.
Quick words: we’re going to the hospital, I’m bleeding.
His frantic gaze.
Rapid decision – to the hospital ward.
Blue gown. So transparent, I felt X-rayed through.
Hospital, creaking bed. He sent back home and I forced to rely only on myself.
At least I had you under my heart.
I’ve never been as afraid as that night.
The room was full of women and every one of them was alone. Only not me. I had you.
Others weren’t that lucky. I felt embarrassed to be so pleased with your beating heart” .

Urszula Śleszyńska / Prologue

Photobooks of 2020 by Robin Titchener

„Prologue is a frank and unflinchingly honest documentation of Urszula Sleszynski‘s turbulent pregnancy and birth of the couples’ son. Last year I included Kamil’s handmade book Wolka as a special mention. I am so happy that I have been able to include Prologue on this years main list. As with Wolka, the written contributions from his wife Urszula have been indispensable – quite literally with Prologue, as it is her pregnancy that is being chronicled – and her nakedly honest commentary is easily as powerful as Kamil’s intimate photography. So justifiably, Prologue is credited to both of them. A truly formidable team to watch”.

– Robin Titchener / Photobookstore Magazine

400 copies (200 PL, 200 ENG)
197×247 mm, 68 pages, 31 colour images
hard cover, Coptic binding
photos: Kamil Śleszyński
text: Urszula Śleszyńska
design: Natalia Mikołajczuk
artistic supervision: Agnieszka Pajączkowska
cooperation: Krzysztof Pacholak
print preparation: Tomek Kubaczyk
publisher: Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich w Białymstoku, Białystok 2020
ISBN 978-83-64413-47-6